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Wexford Labs, Inc.

Integrated Solutions for Human Health, the Workplace and the Environment

325 Leffingwell Ave

St. Louis, MO 63122


Wexford Labs manufactures a wide range of environmentally friendly disinfectants and cleaners. All products are hospital grade, including a DfE /Safer Choice Disinfecting wipe. Integrated Solutions for Human Health, the Workplace and the Environment



U.S. Shipping, Handling & Delivery:

All shipping charges and risk of loss are F.O.B. origin and are the responsibility of the purchaser. All

related shipping and handling charges will be added to customer invoice. No shipping to PO boxes.

Rush Delivery Air Shipments:

If you need an order right away, we’ll arrange for next‐day air or second‐day air delivery. Charges for

this service will be added to your invoice.


Return Policy

The returned Goods Policy is designed to 1) to provide timely credit to our customers for the return of certain returnable and approved product, 2) reduce Wexford Lab’s internal costs of handling returned product, 3) Identify the reasons why Wexford Lab’s products are returned for improvement opportunities, and 4) provide an easy and efficient means to have product returned to Wexford.

This policy will be maintained and administered by the Document Control Coordinator, Customer Service, and Production Manager.

Customer Service Reps are responsible for obtaining all information regarding the reason for the request for returned goods, contact information from person who is requesting the return, address where product is to be picked up and enter this on the Returned Goods Authorization Form.

Any customer that purchases product from Wexford Labs, Inc. shall inspect and reject full or partial shipment at the time of delivery. If the customer rejects any product, the carrier will return the full or partial shipment to Wexford Labs. Wexford Labs will replace the product at no charge and be responsible for filing a claim with the carrier.

Should a product other than the product ordered be received by a customer, or should the shipment be damaged, there is no charge to the customer for the return or handling of the shipment. Wexford Labs will pay return freight for all goods received by the customer through no fault of their own.

If customer orders in error or chooses to return goods; Wexford Labs will accept the return of product for credit if return goods are unopened, not damaged or defective and returned within the allotted time. The customer is responsible for return freight and a twenty percent (20%) restocking fee. Returns must be made within:

 1 month from date of receipt for all Ready To Use products

 3 months from date of receipt for all concentrated products

All returns, except product that is refused by the customer, will be assigned a RGA (Return Goods Authorization) number. All packages must be marked with the RGA number on the outside of the package.

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