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  • Vscan Extend R2 Dual Probe Handheld Ultrasound with DICOM Base Package & LVivo EF App

Vscan Extend R2 Dual Probe Handheld Ultrasound with DICOM Base Package & LVivo EF App

Vscan Extend R2 Dual Probe Handheld Ultrasound with DICOM Base Package & LVivo EF App
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Vscan Extend R2 Dual Probe Handheld Ultrasound with DICOM Base Package & LVivo EF App

Handheld Ultrasound system with both linear and sector transducers in a single probe.
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This package includes one Vscan Extend R2 Dual Probe with standard components, an additional rechargeable battery, one external battery charger, access to the LVivo EF app that enables automated ejection fraction measurement, and a 1-hour session of remote clinical applications training. Vscan Extend* is a general purpose diagnostic ultrasound imaging system that can enable qualified and trained healthcare professionals to visualize and measure anatomical structures and fluid. Its pocket-sized portability and simplified user interface enable integration into examination and training sessions. The information can be used for basic or focused assessments. It can also be used along with other medical data for clinical diagnostic purposes during routine periodic monitoring and triage assessments for adult and pediatric patients. Vscan Extend can also be used for procedural guidance. Vscan Extend with Dual Probe supports applications for cardiac, abdominal, renal, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, fetal, adult cephalic, peripheral vascular imaging (e.g. arteries, veins, lower extremity, carotid), small organs including thyroid, musculoskeletal (long bone, hip, shoulder, elbow and knee joints), evaluation of presence of fluid, thoracic/lung (e.g. pleural motion/sliding, line artifacts), pediatrics, imaging guidance for needle/catheter placement (e.g. paracentesis, pericardiocentesis, thoracentesis, amniocentesis), and procedure guidance for arterial or venous vessels (e.g. central lines, upper extremity).Vscan Extend in DICOM** configuration provides the ability to export images wirelessly to DICOM servers or to shared Windows*** network folders, along with wireless access to the GE Marketplace for download and installation of Vscan Extend apps. It also allows the transfer of images or videos via USB cable connection to a PC. The product is complemented with a Vscan* web portal, including online access to product and clinical information. The following components are included in this standard configuration of Vscan Extend: the control unit with probe, one global AC adapter with interchangeable region-specific plugs, a USB cable, two rechargeable batteries, one external battery charger, two Micro-SD memory cards (for potential service needs only), and a soft case. In some countries gel (60 g bottle) may also be included in the standard configuration. Included in this package is user access to the LVivo EF app, which enables an automated edge detection of left myocardial wall and calculates end-systolic, end-diastolic left ventricular volumes and ejection fraction using apical 4-chamber views. This app has been developed by and licensed from DiA Imaging Analysis Ltd. This package also includes a 1-hour long session of clinical applications training to be provided via telepresence. * Vscan Extend and Vscan are trademarks of General Electric Company.** DICOM is the registered trademark of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association for its standards publications relating to digital communications of medical information.*** Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.


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