Why Shop with Us

Why Shop With Us?

You need products, supplies, and services to keep your business running, but your resources are limited, and your time is precious.

Where can you go to compare thousands of items, from trusted suppliers, on a single purchasing platform, built by and for healthcare professionals, and backed by the power of more than 30 years of healthcare purchasing expertise?

Welcome to stockd.

At stockd., we aim to elevate your purchasing experience. We’re powered by Premier®, one of the nation’s leading healthcare purchasing experts, and driven by a community of healthcare providers. We understand the challenges today’s healthcare providers and businesses face, and we offer a first-class purchasing experience.

All stockd. shoppers receive:

  • Transparent pricing listed directly on the site, and not dependent on purchase volume or supplier-imposed tiers.
  • The ability to easily compare products and pricing from different suppliers, so businesses using the platform can find the right product at a competitive price.
  • A single purchasing platform, leading to increased efficiency and significant time savings.
  • Products from manufacturers and distributors that healthcare providers and businesses can trust.

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One-stop shopping:

From medical gloves to manila envelopes, stockd. offers thousands of products healthcare professionals and businesses use every day, from reputable suppliers. Product categories include:

- Building Maintenance
- Cleaning
- Food & Beverage
- Furnishings & Hospitality
- Laboratory
- Medical / Surgical
- Office Supplies
- Physical Therapy & Rehab
- Technology

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Created to solve the purchasing challenges of healthcare providers, stockd. is available to all registered businesses and individuals as a convenient solution for your purchasing needs. Become a registered member to unlock special discounted pricing and other site features for your business.

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