Sell on Stockd.

Sell on stockd.

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stockd is Premier's new eCommerce marketplace, bringing together sellers and buyers in a single convenient platform.

Why become a seller? Healthcare providers and businesses increasingly seek convenience, simplicity, and transparency. Selling on stockd offers a cost-effective way to deliver on these customer needs while growing your business.

Why should you sell on stockd?

Developed by and for healthcare providers and informed by Premier's three decades of healthcare purchasing experience, stockd offers:

  • The ability to reach new customers and classes of trade beyond your existing base, resulting in increased market share.
  • Simplified transaction process, which lowers the cost of sale and ensures sellers get paid faster.
  • A nimble seller platform, which allows suppliers to add products and change price points at the click of a button.
  • Access to sales data 24/7 and regular auditing to help suppliers understand who's purchasing and ensure the integrity of all transactions.
  • Access to an inside sales team and growing digital marketing capability.
  • You can easily sign up to get the process started.

Start selling today!

Expand your Reach

Healthcare delivery is shifting from acute care facilities to non-acute, alternate site providers who have their own unique purchasing needs. Businesses are increasingly seeking to streamline their purchasing as well.

While open to any and all consumers, stockd is designed to solve the purchasing challenges of:

  • PhysicalOffice Physician offices
  • SurgeryCenter Surgery centers
  • LongTermCare Long-term care facilities
  • HomeHealth Physical therapy and home health providers
  • SmallBusiness Small- to mid-size businesses

Seller Sign Up

We're eager to learn more about the benefits your company and products can offer our buyers. To get started, please contact and indicate your interest in becoming a seller.

Seller Application & Contract

  • A representative from stockd will send you an application for completion.
  • Once the application has been returned to, a representative from the stockd team will contact you letting you know if you qualify to sell.
  • If you are approved, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) will be sent to you for signature.
  • After the NDA is signed, the stockd team and seller will hold a conference call to discuss the opportunity further.
  • Once all parties have agreed to move forward, a Premier Marketplace Agreement will be sent to you for signature.

Set Up Your Seller Portal and Education

  • Once the contract is signed and you are officially approved as a stockd seller, you will be invited to attend a seller onboarding training session.
  • After the training, you will be sent a link to set up your seller portal information.

Completing your Seller Portal

  • Provide your financial and tax information; shipping; and return policies.
  • Upload your products and offers to your seller portal for review.
  • Provide information, imagery and best-selling products for your brand shop.

Seller Onboarding Final Stages

  • Complete test orders with stockd team.
  • Review shop for final tweaks or changes.
  • Go Live!

Contact Us (Sellers)

Have a question about selling on stockd? Contact us at

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