SealSkin Medical Wrap

Charlotte, NC


Like you, we’re frustrated by traditional bandages or IV reinsertion that makes life difficult. Healing is hard enough without the worry of keeping a bandage dry or reinserting needles if you want take a warm bath. It should be easier to heal and still live your life.

That’s why we created the SealSkin Medical Wrap™. Our patent-pending technology helps secure, protect and reduce the discomfort of the healing process. SealSkin Medical Wrap is registered and listed with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).



Shipping Policy:

Sealskin will ship all orders received in three business days after receipt. Any special requests must be noted on order with a contact name and contact information noted.


Returned Goods Policy

All returns may be subject to a restocking charge as described below:
100% credit for saleableproduct returned within 30 days of shipment date.
75% credit for saleable partial containersreturned within 30 days of shipment date.
50% credit for saleableproduct returned within 31-60 days after shipment date.
No credit for any product returned after 61 days after shipment date.
Important note: All return product must be shipped at the customer’s expense, unless product was damaged in shipment. Any exceptions to the stated policy must have management’s written approval.

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