Why are all the quick pick selections on the Premier Holiday Shop listed at $25.01 instead of $25.00?

Your redemption code must be applied towards subtotal (product less tax or shipping) OVER $25 for technical purposes. These products have been curated for the holidays at a price point where you will only have to pay a penny plus applicable tax.

Can I use my redemption code over the course of multiple orders?

No. Your unique code must be redeemed in its entirety in one order and you cannot use the code to make a purchase amounting to less than $25. Any redemption code applied to orders with a product total of less than $25 will result an invalid coupon error message and cannot be purchased. Once you add additional product(s) to your order and the order total is over $25, you will be able to redeem your code.

Additionally, please find the full FAQ's to help you navigate stockd.

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