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SUPERfeet Blue Insoles

SUPERfeet BLUE Full-Length Insole Medium-profile insole with the shape that provides intermediate support and can fit into most footwear
Sold by: Scrip Companies
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Every SUPERfeet Premium Insole features a patented stabilizer cap for optimal underfoot support. When integrated with the shape and design of the foam full length, this unique combination creates a deep heel cup to cradle the heel's fat pad for improved natural shock absorption. This system provides comfort and necessary stability for different activities, footwear and foot types. Features: Shallower heel cup adds versatility in protecting and supporting the rearfoot for the majority of foot types. Lower volume accommodates tighter-fitting footwear. 1/16 high-impact closed-cell foam will not absorb moisture. Thinner foam takes up less volume in the shoe. Lower volume footwear with a narrower heel counter and insoles that are either removable or glued in place. Ideal for running, hiking, casual and cleated footwear. Sizing Available in sizes J - G Check if your heel fits inside the SUPERfeet heel cup and not over the edge If the heel cup or the insole is too narrow, go up a letter size If your toes extend beyond the end of the foam forefoot, go up a letter size Size: A Kids 13.5-2, B W:4.5-6 K:2.5-4, C M:5.7-7 W:6.5-8, D M:7.5-9 W:8.5-10, E M:9.5-11 W:10.5-12, F Mens 11.5-13, G Mens 13.5-15, J Kids 11.5-13 | Scrip Co.
Item Number: SMP-609123461059-P

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