physical therapy and rehabilitation

physical therapy & rehabilitation

Allow for exercise and rehabilitation activities to be done conveniently and more effectively to meet every patient’s needs. We offer high quality physical therapy products, equipment and supplies at competitive prices so you can focus on what matters—providing proper treatment for your patients.

physical therapy & rehab:

PT supplies, rehab equipment & orthopedics

When it comes to physical therapy supplies, rehabilitation equipment, exercise equipment and orthopedics, our goal is to provide our customers with high quality products from trusted sellers. We offer a wide selection of brand name therapy products from the following manufacturers: Biofreeze, Thera-Band, Sammons Preston, Rolyan, Performance Health, and many more.

what sets
us apart?

Stockd is powered by Premier®, one of the nation’s leading healthcare purchasing experts. We understand the challenges today’s healthcare providers face with their traditional purchasing channels and offer a simplified online purchasing experience complete with tools and insights to help practices thrive.

for everyone:

We put the buying power back in your hands, no matter the size of your healthcare practice. Shop high quality products from trusted and vetted suppliers, so you can run your business and focus on what matters most: taking care of patients.

so, why shop with us?

A convenient purchasing platform, leading to increased efficiency and significant time and cost savings.

Transparent pricing listed directly on the site, and not dependent on purchase volume or supplier-imposed tiers.

Easy comparison of products and pricing from different suppliers, so businesses using the platform can find the right product at a competitive price.

Reputable suppliers offering thousands of products that healthcare providers and businesses can trust.

featured categories

Find physical therapy and rehab essentials for your facility, from strength equipment and training, such as resistance bands and tubing, to topical creams and more. Browse top categories below.

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