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LifeThreads was started in 2014 with a singular purpose: improve the efficacy and function of healthcare textiles while making our medical professionals look and feel good. Over the years, driven by our ability to listen and respond to the healthcare industry we have continued to improve our product range by investing in technology and testing mechanisms.

We began in 2014 serving healthcare organizations through a rental model with commercial laundries. We grew organically in popularity when our end users smitten with our soft fabric, fluid repellency, and antimicrobial action began asking where they could buy LifeThreads. Many of those doctors, nurses, PAs, and other medical staff were communicating the same message to the administrators and managers of the facilities where they worked: they loved the LifeThreads difference.

They especially loved the fluid-barrier property of our scrubs, coats and medical apparel. Instead of having to deal with patient vomit, blood, urine, or other contaminants on their scrubs or white coats, they told us in focus groups, they could end their shifts in clothing as clean as when they put them on. Our antimicrobial technology was a wonderful bonus—as committed healthcare providers, they liked knowing that just by wearing LifeThreads they could avoid bacterial and fungal contamination on the surface of their clothing. Our Institutional customers also love that our product puts technology first to reduce healthcare associated infections and layers in perfect fit, feel, and fashion into every inch of our fabric. We are humbled by the response we have received.

LifeThreads offers its products in North America, Central America, South America, and Asia and we are growing on a daily basis. We intend to continue to stay focused on improving healthcare textiles by continuing to invest in technology for antimicrobial functionality, fit, and style in the healthcare apparel industry!!!!!!!!



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