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Policy on Accepting Customer Purchase Orders

In an effort to ensure that all customer orders are received consistantly and in a manner that helps avoids errors or delays, and safe gaurds HTL-STREFA, Inc. from any discrepiences or losses, the following policy has been developed and shall be followed.


A Purchase Order is a buyer-generated document that authorizes a purchase transaction. When accepted by the seller, it becomes a contract binding on both parties.


A purchase order sets forth the descriptions, quantities, prices, discounts, payment terms, date of performance or shipment, other associated terms and conditions, and identifies a specific buyer/seller.


Accepting an order

Any purchase order received prior to 3pm EST will be acknowledged, processed and given to the warehouse same day. Orders will be picked/packed in the order they are received in the warehouse and shipped within our 72 hour (3 business days) lead-time.


Any order received after 3pm EST will not be considered “Received” untill the following day.


  • All orders will be submitted through the Stockd
  • All orders will ship free
  • All orders must include the following:
    • Purchase Order Number
    • The terms
    • Pricing
    • Ship to address
    • Shipping terms
    • Special notes (if applicable )



  • Purchase Orders received without error and accepted by HTL-STREFA,
  1. will have a turn-around time of 72 hours (3 business days)


If there are any questions or situations where you are unsure, please contact Nick Wood, Director of Operations at:


770-528-0410 ext. 204


Nick Wood


Director of Operations Date: 08/12/2019


 Damages, Overages, Shortages, and Returns Policy


Though we work to ensure that each and every order is checked for accuracy, correctly packaged, and properly shipped, issues with shipments do arise occasionally. There are several steps you, the Customer, can do to help identify and notify HTL-STREFA, Inc promptly and properly.


Order Inspection & Verification

Before signing for a delivery, we ask that the customer inspect the delivery for correct item count and condition.

  • Look for the following:
    • Torn or punctured cardboard or stretch wrap
    • Tampered ‘’Do Not Break’’ tape
    • Broken or crushed corners
    • Broken pallets
    • Shifting of product on the pallet
    • Verify that the Packing Slip matches the items received in the
      • If the Driver will wait, we also recommend opening the shipment and inspecting items with driver present.

Please be sure to note any discrepancies in item count and/or damages on Delivery Receipt (BOL) and inform the Driver.


**Do not refuse delivery due to damages, this causing issues with filing claim with our carrier and leads to potenial loss of product and added freight charges.**


The process for reporting order discrepancies varies based on what the issue is. By following the steps laid out below, the Customer can ensure that claims are processed in the most efficient manner possible. Please direct any questions not covered below to our RMA specialist at


Reporting Order Issues

  • Damages

After inspecting the order, immediately write a description of the damages on the Delivery Receipt (BOL) and inform the Driver.

  • Note: If damage is not recorded and brought to the driver’s attention, the carrier will not honor any damage claims and makes the process for all parties much more difficult.
    • Please also indicate on the Delivery Receipt (BOL)if the driver was unable or unwilling to wait to allow an inspection of the items within the shipment
  • After noting all discrepancies, please sign for the Delivery
  • Before filing a ‘‘Freight Damages’’ claim with HTL-STREFA, Inc., you must collect the following:
    • Pictures of the damaged packaging and product
    • Purchase Order number
    • Lot number(s) and QTY case(s) damaged



  • A copy of the Delivery Receipt, Bill of Lading, and Packing Slip with notations


For any damages received please file a claim with our RMA specialist at

  • All claims must be filed within 5 business days of receipt or claim will not be accepted or credit

-          If Damages are not notated on the delivery receipt/BOL, claim will not be accepted or credit given.


  • Overages, Shortages, or Missing Items -

After inspecting the order, immediately write a description of the item count discrepancy on the Delivery Receipt and inform the Driver.

  • Note: Backordered items will not appear on the Packing List and will automatically be shipped to the address on the order as soon as product becomes
  • Note: For a successful inspection, all original packaging and damaged product must be maintained until the claim has been


For any overages, shortages, or missing items please file a claim with our RMA specialist at

  • All claims must be filed within 5 business days of receipt or claim will not be accepted or credit


All claims for Damages and/or Overages, Shortages, Missing Items will be responded to within 24 hours; our RMA Specialists will reach out to assist with the order issues and advise if there are any additional questions.


Replacement Orders

For replacement product, please work with the RMA specialist.


Returning Product

The RMA specialist will reach out to you with an RMA number and provide a FedEx account number to return against if the return is small, if the return requires a pallet, carrier information will be provided.

  • Note: Certain items are non‐returnable, including:
    • Damaged product found after the 5 day period from receipt
    • Customer’s slow moving and obsolete inventoried items
    • Non‐stocking and discontinued items
    • Final sale items that are closeout, discontinued, or obsolete
    • Less than full cases
    • Any opened, tampored or damaged retail unit

Please do not return any product without prior written authorization provided by the RMA specialist.

  • The RMA number provided by our team must be included and visible on the return shipment to receive



  • Note: HTL-STREFA, Inc. will only issue and accept RMAs for damaged product on shipments paid for by HTL-STREFA,
    • All Customer orders that are picked up and shipped by Customer that result in damages, Customer shall contact and handle directly with their


Once we have received and inspected the authorized return, we will credit the customer’s account

for the original purchase price minus restocking fees (if applicable).


If the return is not due to our error and HTL-STREFA, Inc has agreed to accept, a restocking fee will be charged at the following rates:

  • Domestic returns will incur a flat 15% restock
  • International returns will incur a flat 25% restock

Note: Credit will not be issued for returned product that is not full case quantities.


Return Address:


3005 Chastain Meadows Pkwy Suite 300

Marietta, GA 30066

Phone: (770)528-0410



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