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As a leading global medical technology and life sciences company, we provide a broad portfolio of products, solutions and services used in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients and in the development and manufacture of biopharmaceuticals. We help improve outcomes for healthcare providers and for therapy innovators around the world. This means increased capacity, improved productivity and better patient outcomes. We also aim to support our customers in the pursuit of precision health: health care that is integrated, highly personalized to each patient’s needs and that reduces waste and inefficiency. We embrace a culture of respect, transparency, integrity and diversity.



Used Demo Equipment.     Equipment identified as pre-owned, refurbished, remanufactured or demonstration Equipment is not new and may have received reconditioning to meet Specifications (“Used Equipment”). Sale of Used Equipment is subject to availability. If it is no longer available, (i) GE Healthcare will attempt to identify other Used Equipment in its inventory that meets Customer's needs, and (ii) if substitute Used Equipment is not acceptable, GE Healthcare will cancel the order and refund any deposit Customer paid for the Used Equipment.

Transportation, Title and Risk of Loss.     Unless otherwise identified in the Quotation, shipping terms are FOB Destination. Title and risk of loss to Equipment and Third-Party Equipment passes to Customer on delivery to Customer’s designated delivery location.

Delivery, Returns and Installation.     Delivery dates are approximate. Products may be delivered in installments. Delivery occurs: (i) for Product, on electronic or physical delivery to Customer; and (ii) for Services, on performance. Products cannot be returned for refund or credit if they match the Quotation.

Delivery and installations will be performed from 8am to 5pm local time, Monday-Friday, excluding GE Healthcare holidays, and outside those hours for an additional fee. Customer will: (i) enable connectivity and interoperability with products not provided by GE Healthcare.


Order Cancellation and Modifications.

Cancellation.     If Customer cancels an order prior to shipment without GE Healthcare’s written consent, GE Healthcare may charge: (i) a fee of up to 10% of the Product price. GE Healthcare will retain, as a credit, payments received up to the amount of the cancellation charge. If Customer does not schedule a delivery date within 6 months after order entry, GE Healthcare may cancel on written notice.

Equipment Acceptance.

Beginning on delivery, Customer will have 5 days to determine if the Equipment operates substantially in accordance with Specifications (“Equipment Test Period”). If the Equipment fails to perform accordingly, Customer will provide to GE Healthcare: (i) written notice; (ii) access to the Equipment; and (iii) a reasonable time to bring the Equipment into compliance. After correction by GE Healthcare, Customer will have the remainder of the Equipment Test Period or 3 days, whichever is greater, to continue testing. Equipment is accepted on the earlier of expiration of the Equipment Test Period or the date the Equipment is first used for non-acceptance testing purposes.

Equipment Warranty.

For non-customized Equipment purchased from GE Healthcare or its authorized distributors, GE Healthcare warrants that Equipment will be free from defects in title, and, for 3 years from Equipment Acceptance, it will: (i) be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service; and (ii) perform substantially in accordance with the Specifications. The warranty covers parts and labor and only applies to end-users that purchase Equipment from GE Healthcare or its authorized distributors.

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