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DermaWound Original Ointment - Woundcare Ointment
DermaWound Original Ointment - Woundcare Ointment
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DermaWound Original Ointment - Woundcare Ointment

DermaWound brand products eliminate the need for costly, infection spreading, time consuming, and very painful standard wound care therapies -especially in cases with extensive areas of tissue damage and necrosis.
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Ideal for: Pressure / Bed Sores- Diabetic Leg & Foot Ulcers- Decubitus Ulcers- Surgical Wound Dehiscence- Surgical Wound Sites (ex. Post Mohs Surgery)- Indwelling Catheters & Ostomy Sites- External Fixations- Arteriosclerotic Ulcers- Ischaemic Ulcers- Non-Healing Lacerations- Traumatic Ulcers- Spider Bite Ulcers (Brown Recluse)- Amputee Stumps- Chronic or Re-occurring Wounds. DermaWounds is made with the purest natural and highest-grade USP ingredients and provides superior healing results for even the most difficult wounds. It is concentrated, smooth and soft with excellent adherence to uneven and hard-to-reach surfaces. DermaWounds rapidly provides pain relief, a decrease in swelling / inflammation and redness / erythema with elimination of infection, odor and exudates. DermaWounds is auto-debriding and allows wounds to heal with minimal scarring, virtually eliminating the need for costly and painful surgical debridement and skin grafts - even in cases with large areas of tissue damage. Best of all, DermaWounds displays broad-range bactericidal activity and even controls antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA, VRE, Strep and Pseudomonas delivering excellent results at a fraction of the cost.

Item Number: SMP-436100000006-P
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