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When you buy Good Works™ products, you benefit from high-quality offerings that perform as well or better than competing products. You also get the satisfaction of knowing that your purchases are creating jobs for individuals who are blind or visually impaired who face a 70% unemployment rate—helping them to live independently.



Standard Shipping Policy

FOB Destination

Free on board (FOB) Destination means the cost of delivery, within the continental United States, is included in the product price and Bosma Enterprises pays the related standard ground freight charges and handles any freight claims. Customers may request special shipping arrangements, including, but not limited to, next day delivery or second day delivery, however freight charges in excess of standard ground freight will be charged and will appear on the customer’s invoice. Requests for non-standard shipping arrangements must be made before noon Eastern Standard Time for same day shipment.

Customers will be notified of back order status as soon as possible. Backordered product will be shipped as soon as they are available by standard ground freight at no additional charge to the customer.

When discount pricing is allowed, all applicable products in an order must be delivered to the same address.

Bosma Enterprises can ship products to destinations outside the continental United States, including, but not limited to, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska. Additional charges shall apply for FOB Destination products delivered outside the continental United States. These charges shall be added to the customer’s invoice. When special or export freight is required, all additional costs beyond standard ground freight will also be added to the customer’s invoice for FOB Destination products.

Should a customer utilize a different carrier during any portion of the shipment, Bosma Enterprises shall not be responsible for any damage which may occur after such product leaves the control of Bosma Enterprise’s designated carrier.

Bosma Enterprises will use reasonable efforts to comply  with  shipping  requests  and/or instructions requested by the customer. In the absence of any  specific  shipping  instructions, Bosma Enterprises will ship by the method to be determined at Bosma  Enterprise’s discretion to  the ship to address specified at the time of order. All  products  shall  be  packed for  standard ground freight, unless otherwise  requested  by  the  customer  and  agreed  to  by  Bosma Enterprises in writing prior to the time of shipping.  Additional  costs  incurred for  special packaging will be added to customer’s invoice.


Before accepting delivery of any shipment, customers are required to inspect the shipment for damage to the product  and/or missing  product. Freight damage and shortages must be noted  on the delivery receipt at the time of delivery. In addition to noting damages on the delivery receipt customers may refuse delivery of the damaged portion of the shipment. The customer may accept the whole shipment or accept delivery only of the undamaged portion of the shipment. By accepting delivery of the shipment without noting any damage or shortages on the delivery receipt, the customer acknowledges the shipment was received in satisfactory condition and in conformity with the customer’s order.

If goods are accepted that have been damaged in transit, the customer shall retain the original shipping carton. Failure by the customer to do so may void any and all claims by the customer for return to or credit from Bosma Enterprises. If a customer accepts delivery of a damaged portion of a shipment, it must be held at the destination point. Failure to retain it at the destination point shall void any and all claims by the customer for return of the product or credit for the price paid. The customer shall preserve and protect the damaged goods until Bosma Enterprises has inspected them and notified the customer in writing that their duty to preserve is complete.

Any damage noted by the customer at the time of delivery must be claimed in accordance with the Return Good Authorization (RGA) process described in the Customer Returns section below along with proof of damage to Bosma Enterprises within ten (10) calendar days of receiving the product(s).

Any concealed damage not noted by the customer at the time of delivery must be claimed in accordance with the RGA process described in the Customer Returns section below along with proof of damage to Bosma Enterprises within ten (10) calendar days of receiving the product(s). Bosma Enterprises shall have a reasonable amount of time within which to notify the customer of its decision regarding the customer’s claim. Failure to claim damages within ten (10) calendar days shall result in an automatic denial of any claim by the customer and the product(s) shall not be eligible for return or credit, and all goods shipped shall be deemed accepted.

The customer shall notify Bosma Enterprises of any other non-conforming order within ten (10) calendar days of receiving the shipment and written proof of the non-conforming order must be provided to Bosma Enterprises. Bosma Enterprises shall  have fourteen (14)  calendar  days  after the receipt of Proof of Delivery (POD) and any other claim documentation from the carrier to correct the non-conforming order. Failure to notify Bosma Enterprises within ten (10) calendar  days of receiving the shipment shall result in denial  of  any claim.  Claims not  otherwise authorized under the Customer Returns section below will be denied.

Sorting or Segregating Of Goods

Any request to Bosma Enterprises for the carrier to unload or sort the product must be made at the time the order is placed. If customers request to Bosma Enterprises or the carrier that goods be unloaded and sorted or segregated by the carrier at their destination, additional fees will be charged.

Scheduling Of Deliveries

If a carrier attempts to make a delivery of customer’s shipment during normal business hours and is refused by the customer or the customer’s agent or is unable to deliver the customer’s shipment for any reason beyond the control of the carrier, Bosma Enterprises shall charge the customer all carrier fees incurred, including both delivery and return. If a customer requests a delivery date, the request shall be made at the time the order is placed. Bosma Enterprises will make a reasonable effort to schedule delivery accordingly; however Bosma Enterprises cannot guarantee delivery date.

Consignee Contracts

Consignee contracts are the full and complete responsibility of the customer.


Customers wishing to return purchased product to Bosma Enterprises for any reason must first obtain an RGA number from Bosma Enterprises’ Claims Department prior to returning the merchandise. To request an RGA number, please contact Bosma Enterprises’ Claims Department by calling toll-free (800) 362-5463 or emailing The RGA number is valid for thirty (30) calendar days after issuance. Any return after thirty (30) calendar days is not authorized, and no credit shall be issued.

Provided the claim is made in accordance with the criteria below,  Bosma Enterprises   will  accept a return of purchased product for full credit if  a) the product received was incorrect  due  to an error by Bosma Enterprises  in filling the order, b) the product is defective, or c) the   product was damaged in transit. If the product is damaged  in transit, the customer must follow  the proper procedures for filing a damage claim as set forth under the Claims section above. All other returns are subject to the following terms and conditions as well as a twenty (20 %) re-stocking fee as described below. Product damaged by a carrier selected and arranged for by customer shall not be the responsibility of Bosma Enterprises and shall be handled directly between customer and that carrier.

To be eligible for credit, returned merchandise must meet the following criteria:

  • Be pre-authorized in writing for return by Bosma Enterprises Claims Department;
  • Have a valid RGA number issued within the past thirty (30) calendar days by Bosma Enterprises Claims Department;
  • Goods have been purchased within sixty (60) calendar days of the return date if the product is food or within ninety (90) calendar days of the return date for all other products;
  • Be free of any type of damage or exposure to direct sunlight, ozone gas, or other hostile environments;
  • Be in the original sealed shipping carton(s) provided by Bosma Enterprises ;
  • Be returned with the freight pre-paid unless due to manufacturer’s error, transit damage, or incorrect goods received due to an error in filling the customer’s
    • Please note:
  • Bosma Enterprises will determine the mode of transportation to be used for these returns.
  • Bosma Enterprises will not accept Cash On  Delivery (COD)  

Bosma Enterprises reserves the right to reject any return that does not comply with the terms of the Bosma Enterprises Shipping, Freight and Return Policies. Credit for approved returns will not be applied and will remain open until the product(s) has been received and inspected by Bosma Enterprises, and determined by it to meet the return criteria as set forth above.

Merchandise returned for any reason without prior authorization will not be eligible for credit.




Questions about these policies may be addressed to:

Bosma Enterprises

Claims Process Supervisor
6270 Corporate Drive
Indianapolis, In 46278
PH: (317) 684-0600
TOLL-FREE: (800) 362-5463
Fax: (800) 684-1946


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