About Stockd.

About stockd.

stockd. is an online marketplace that connects sellers to buyers.

Built by and for healthcare professionals, stockd. is powered by Premier® and its more than three decades of healthcare purchasing expertise.

Harnessing the experience, relationships, and innovative technology of Premier®—along with the knowledge of the healthcare community—stockd. provides an exceptional digital purchasing experience complete with tools and insights to help businesses thrive.

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Our brand story
At stockd., we’ve created a marketplace to meet our customers and suppliers where they are. We’ve designed a digital marketplace where products are well-priced and easy to compare. Our roots are in healthcare and our team is built from people who understand technology.

Our brand vision
At stockd., we are more than a transaction. We are not just another eCommerce website. We are a partner and a resource for your purchasing needs —we understand your business and your challenges.

Our brand values
Our goal at stockd. is to elevate the purchasing experience. We empower our customers by leveraging our vast industry expertise and by adhering to the following values:

  • Focus on relationships: We care about people—setting up and fostering relationships between suppliers and buyers is in our DNA.
  • Valuable insights: We share knowledge and create value for our customers.

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