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The ease of online shopping meets GPO-level savings on stockd.

Become a stockd business member to enjoy business-only pricing on thousands of products. Already have a stockd business account? Access GPO-level product savings by signing up for Premier's Group Purchasing Organization (GPO). Leverage the buying power of Premier's GPO, where every kind of business and any size organization can gain access to even better pricing directly through stockd.


Business Account

At stockd, we understand the challenges of running a business. With a free business account, you'll join a growing community and unlock exceptional value. Benefits include:

  • Access to exclusive pricing discounts on many products sold on stockd
  • Ability to register multiple individuals as buyers for your business
  • Option to purchase prescription medical devices (licensed medical professionals only)
  • Tax exemption for qualifying organizations
  • Payment terms and purchase orders at checkout for approved accounts
  • Custom price quotes for bulk purchases

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GPO Membership

Already have a stockd business account? Join Premier's GPO and gain access to additional savings on thousands of products from trusted suppliers directly through stockd. Benefits include:

  • Leverage the purchasing power of Premier and its 200,000 member organizations
  • Access to over 2,000 pre-negotiated agreements with 900+ suppliers to help your organization save
  • Exclusive GPO pricing for many products sold on stockd.
  • Join at no cost with no minimum purchasing requirements
  • Hands-on support from the Premier team
  • Membership application required

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how the GPO works.

membership, leverage & savings.

A group purchasing organization (GPO) provides its members with discounts on the supplies, products, and services they need to run their businesses. By aggregating the purchasing volume of its members, a GPO negotiates contracts with suppliers for better pricing on the products and services its members use every day.

better pricing & contract terms

With a steady stream of members' spend in place, GPOs can source contracts with suppliers that can provide better pricing and terms than GPO members can achieve on their own. Suppliers will waive margin opportunities because GPO membership cuts the costs associated with acquiring new business.

continuous improvement alleviates risk

Supplier contracts are constantly managed by the GPO. As more members join and more spend flows through the contracts, GPOs can negotiate even deeper discounts and/or improved terms and conditions with suppliers.


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